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1This kind of bird is rarely seen in the cold area, but it is very in the warm area.

A general  B ordinary  C common  D usual

2The two problems are linked ,and it makes sense to consider them together.

A closely  B close C wide D widely

3Alice was laughing and joking at the party ,but her sister sat with something worried in mind.

A silent  B silently C silence D silencer

4In the library ,he managed to find the book.

A ancient valuable yellow Chinese medical

B valuable Chinese medical ancient yellow

C valuable ancient yellow Chinese medical

D medical ancient valuable yellow Chinese

5are allowed to take part in the outdoor activities.

A Old enough children to dress themselves

B Children enough old to dress themselves

C Children old enough to dress themselves

D Enough old children to dress themselves

6、 quality factors ,this is the best ice cream you can buy.

A. In terms of B In case of C As a result of  D In time of

7I am surprised that a company with the good would produce such poor quality goods.

A. enjoyment  B appreciation  C entertainment  D reputation

8This was the  for expressions of friendship by the two countries presidents.

A occasion B case  C situation  D background

9The government is taking steps towards dealing with countrys economic problems arising in the reform and opening up.

A subjective  B attractive C respective  D tentative

10In the end ,they finished the task in expected.

A. as half much time as B as much time half as

C half as much time as  D half so much time as

11He looked very funny ,wearing too large a jacket  her tiny sweater.

A. over B above  C into D beyond

12Our understanding of human genetics has  considerably.

A gained B exposed C advanced D experienced


13The dying man was moving his eyes slowly as if for his relatives.

A to look B looked  C looking D he looked

14If you go to XIAN, you will find the places there more magnificent than commonly .

A supposing B supposed C to suppose  D suppose

15--- Mum ,why do you always make me eat an egg every day

---- enough protein and nutrition as you are growing up.

A Getting B Get  C To get D To be getting

16The policeman did he could frighten the little girl.

A. all, not to  B all that ,not 

C. what ; in order that not D all what ; in order not to as

17The Smiths have three sons, one a baby, twins of thirteen.

A another B other  C the other D the others

18We needed a new cupboard for the kitchen ,So Peter made from wood we had.

A it  B one C himself D another

19.He believes in himself ,  in my opinion ,is of the most importance.

A that  B which C what  D as

20---- How long do you suppose it is  he arrived here

---No more than half a week.

A .when B before C after  D since

21Tom telephoned all his friends , everyone the exciting news that he was accepted by a famous university.

A tell  B to tell C telling  D told

22Which do you feel like  the time on the train, chatting with friends or just reading something

A to kill B to share  C killing  D sharing

23--- What did she so much money

---Nothing but a necklace made of glass.

A spend on B pay for  C buy for  D sell for

24I will spend my holiday in Shanghai , lives my uncle.

A who  B which C where  D that

25Has the boy who was made use of realized his mistakes

A stealing B stolen C to steal D for stealing

26To a small and faraway town like this ,a car accident is always considered  interest, so people soon gathered around.

A as   B of  C by   D in

27You never imagine what great trouble I have  this paper in my house.

A found  B finding  C to find  D for finding

28a different life today is what it was 30 years ago.

A How ,from  B What a ,from C What ;from D How ;with

29It was this girl that the shopkeeper caught the sugar in the shop.

A steal  B stealing C to steal  D stole

30It was the old clock that the old man spent the whole morning at home.

A repaired B repairing  C to repaired D repair

31I t is he often fails in exams  makes his parents worried about him.

A. that ; that B what ;that  C that ;what D /; that

32Personally, I think it is the sales manager ,rather than the sales girls,  to blame.

A is B that is C are D who are

33---Who is making so much noise in the garden

---- the children.

A It is  B They are C That is D There are

34Is this researcher center  you visited the modern equipment last year

A where  B that C the one that  D the one where

35He devoted all the money he had a school.

A set up B to set up  C to setting up  D setting up

36 is well known ,said our headmaster ,that great changes have take place in China in the last twenty years.

A. As  B That  C It D Which

37He told me that he would do all he could his work on time.

A finish  B finishing C To finish D finished

38What do you think  true in his words

A be B of being C is D being

39More attention should be paid good habits of reading carefully.

A for forming  B to form C to forming D in forming

40I have already forgotten  you put the dictionary.

A that it was there B where was it that

C that where it was  D where it was that

41How pleased the detective was what his customer told him !

A hearing B heard  C to hearing  D to hear

42If carefully ,the experiment will be successful.

A do B does  C done D doing

1-5 CAACC 6-10 ADADC 11-15 ACCBC  16-20 ADBBD 21-25 CABCC

26-30 BBABB 31-35 ABADC 36-42 CCCCDDC


1I had no idea ______ is better, so I took ______ of them.

A what, both  B what, none C which, both D which, all

2----- I dont like him, ______

------ No, I dont at all.

A do I B do you  C dont I  D does she

3China is larger than _____ in Asia.

A any other country B any country C any other countries D any countries

4---- You dont look well. Are you ill

----- No, the exam is coming and I _____ reading until midnight.

A stayed up B am staying up C have stayed up D will stay up

5----- You should have studied in the classroom last night.

------ I regret _____ at that time.

A to surf the Internet B surfing the Internet

C to have surfed the Internet D surfed the Internet

6I _____ go home in the summer vacation, but I havent decided yet.

A may B must C have to D should

7I tried hard to get some information about the new technology out of his mouth, but he remained _____.

A innocent B common  C silent D available

8---- Christmas is drawing near. Are you going home for the holiday

---- I havent decided yet. I _____ go home, but it depend on the weather.

A must  B need  C may D will

9I will have begun to do the work _____ 3 oclock this afternoon.

A by B at  C after D before

10He _____ his wife to clean the room, so he did.

A allowed  B promised  C permitted D agreed

11----- Why not try some of the chocolate cake Dont you like chocolate

----- _____, but Im having trouble with my bad tooth.

A Yes, I do B Yes, I dont  C No, I dont  D No, I do

12----- Do you smoke

-----_____. Its years since I smoked.

A Yes, I do B No, I dont  C Not too much  D A lot

13------I saw no more than one motor-car in that shop. Will you go and buy ____

------ No, Id rather find _____ in other shops.

A one, one  B it, it C one, it D it, one

14____loves them dearly. She spares no money and makes every effort to have them well educated.

A Marys and Kates mother  B Mother of Marys and Kates

C Mary and Kates mother  D Mother of Mary and Kate

15----- You havent been to Macao, have you

----- . How I wish to go there!

A Yes, I have B Yes, I havent  C No, I have  D No, I havent

16I ____ with my uncle and aunt because my parents have gone abroad for a holiday.

A stayed B am staying C have stayed D was staying

17------ I will thank you ____ my affairs alone.

------ I will. Its none of my business.

A for leaving  B not to leave  C for having left     D to leave



1He promised me to be here at one oclock, but he didnt _________.

A. turn up  B. turn down  C. turn out  D. turn in

2These scientific discoveries may __________ light on the origins of the universe.

A. throw  B. cost  C. carry D. share

3、–I went to the airport to meet my uncle yesterday evening.

--It is no ________ that I didnt see you at the lecture hall.

A. problem  B. wonder C. doubt  D. way

4Let us briefly consider how you might analyze this problem by _______ of the scientific method.

A. ways  B. methods  C. means  D. approaches

5An answer ________ that question might give clues to the question of the function of sleep.

A. of B. in C. to D. over

6In the middle of the night, she banged on the door, calling my name ________ the top of her voice.

A. in  B. at  C. with D. beyond

7Have you all paid me Im about $9 _________.

A. cheap B. short  C. little  D. few

8My teaching approach was successful and I was popular _________ the pupils, the parents, and the headmaster.

A. to  B. on C. with D. over

9Dont sit reading _________ the sun, or youll get burnt.

A. in  B. under  C. with D. on

10The boy ________ us in the hotel last night is very polite.

A. waiting for B. waiting on  C. taking on D. caring for

11The man _________ the shop is Li Leis brother.

A. in charge of   B. in the charge of   C. take charge of  D. take the charge of

12The war between the tow countries is far from _________ .

A. finishing  B. end  C. over D. completion

13Do you have anything similar ________ this material but different _________ color

A. to; in B. to; from C. to; to D. in; from

14He just _________ it for granted that he would pass the exam.

A. looked B. carried C. turned  D. took

15We offered to pay our half of the cost but Charles would ________ none of it.

A. lose B. take  C. survive D. have

16、–This is Jane speaking.

--Oh, its you. Your voice sounds quite different _________ by the phone.

A. for  B from C. by D. on

17He spends a lot of time ________ the TV set.

A. in watching B. on  C. in front of  D. on watching

18_________ to secret papers is restricted to senior management.

A. Means B. Acceptance C. Access D. Advice



1Helen had to shout ____ a high voice ____ in the waiting room.

A. at; making herself hear B. in; to make herself hear

C. in; making herself heard  D. in; to make herself heard 

2His brother hasnt been to Beijing, ____ hers ____.

A. so; has  B. neither; hasnt  C. nor; hasnt  D. but; has 

3----Do the measures taken by the government work

----Yes, ____ waste water ____ into the river at present.

A. more; is being poured  B. less; is being poured

C. more; has been poured D. less; will be poured

4----Do you want a cup of tea or coffee

----____, I really dont care.

A. Neither  B. None  C. Either  D. Both

5----I enjoy ____ football.

----____ my sister and me.

A.playing; So doB. to play; So are

C. to play; So did  D. playing; So it is with

6----You could have asked Mr. Johnson for help. He is kind-hearted.

----I ____ that. A whole day ___.

A.forget; wastes  B. forgot; was wasted   C.forgot; had wasted   D. forget; was wasted

7I had intended to see you in the hospital last week, but I ____ too busy.

A. was  B. had been  C. would be  D. would have been

8The Internet gives people the chance to have the information they look forward ____ to them quickly and cheaply.

A. to deliver  B. deliver  C. to delivering  D. to delivered

9I think English is the hardest ____ all my subjects.

A. to be learned in  B. to be learned of  C. to learn form  D. to learn of

10Im sure the revolution Im devoted ____.

A. to succeed   B. to will succeed   C. to succeeding  D. to succeeded

11Some people insisted that the person ____ a thief and insisted that he ____ to the police station.

A. was; be taken B. was; would be taken

C. should be; should be taken  D. be; be taken

12Everyone says ____ center has been set up to give ____ on scientific farming for the nearby farmers.

A. information; advice  B. an information; advice

C. an information; advices D. information; advices

13____ boy was present at the meeting, and ____ of them was encouraged to express his own idea freely.

A. Each; each B. Every; every  C. Each; every   D. Every; each

14Its ____ honor for us to fight for ____ honor of ours.

A. an; /  B. an; the  C. /; the  D. an; an

15----What is that tall man standing under the tree

----He is an astronaut, ____ most boys like.

A. whom  B. which  C. that  D. what

16----Which tie would you prefer, the black tie or the red tie, madam

----Ill take ____, to have a change sometimes.

A. neither  B. none  C. either  D. both

17----Are you satisfied with what he did

----No, it couldnt have been ____.

A. worse  B. better  C. so bad  D. the worse

18----I hear David has won the first prize in the English lecture competition, Mr. Green.

----____, and ____.

A. So he has; so you have  B. So he has; so have you

C. So has he; so have you  D. So has he; so you have



1He _______ sleeping pills, for he didnt wake up till lunch time.

A must have taken  B should have taken   C would have taken   D had surely taken

2The idea for the new machine occurred to Mr. Bake _____ to his invention recently.

A while devoting  B while devoted  C while he was devoted  D while devoting himself

3 __________, tears came to her eyes.

A Having seen the film B Seeing the film

C When she saw the film  D After having seen the film

4Cardew did not join the navy. _______, he decided to join the theater and become an actor.

A Therefore  B Luckily  C Furthermore  D Instead

5He looked ____ at the new on the radio.

A sad   B sadly  C fun  D sadness

6The pollution is getting worse and worse. First of all, we must stop the air__________.

A polluting  B from being polluted C to pollute  D pollute

7He is looking forward to _________ what is happening over there.

A see  B seeing  C seen  D saw

8In order not to be found, Ill spend the night ________ in your room.

A locking  B locked  C to lock  D lock

9I will go to Beijing on business tomorrow, do you have anything _________ to your son studying in Peking University

A to be taken  B to take  C taken  D being taken

10_________ carefully, the mixture was bitter.

A Tasted  B Tasting  C Taste  D to taste

11__________ in the repair shop, he drove his brothers instead.

A Repaired  B Repairing  C Being repaired  D His car being repaired

12Being out of order, ________ to the factory.

A he send his computer  B he drove at once 

C his computer was sent D his father helped him send it

13I was advised to arrange for insurance _____ I needed medical treatment.

A in case  B so that  C although  D if


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